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May 29, 2017

Invest in 2.75% Singapore Government Bond

Invest in 2.75% p.a. Singapore Government Bond

Singapore Savings Account Rates blogspot dot com presents new update on savings and other banking accounts in Singapore today.

Singapore Savings Account Rates helps you to boost interest income from savings accounts, savings bonds and other financial retail investments in Singapore.

You can invest in 30-Year Singapore Government Bond with a coupon rate of 2.75%.

At the auction today, the annual interest payout is fixed at 2.75% pa. but the yield to maturity is 2.55% p.a.

If you wish to apply for future SGS bonds, we show you how.

There is no bank charge and no broker fee if you apply to buy through local bank (DBS, UOB, OCBC) ATM or online.

For example, you can do so via DBS / POSB internet banking site. Click on "Invest", "Singapore Government Securities" and choose "bond application". Follow instructions until completed.

Note that bond application date / time on the bank site may close earlier than MAS auction date / time. This is to allow time for bank to submit applications onward to MAS.

Choose non-competitive bid if you want to get your hands on the SGS bonds at whatever price is determined at the auction. Allow extra funds than your investment target for your non-competitive bid. You can check daily SGS bond prices here.

Ensure that you have enough investment funds in your savings account to apply for bond purchase. Your funds are deducted immediately when you submit your bid application. The extra amount sent with your non-competitive bid will be refunded once the cut-off price is declared.

Here is the auction result detail in the Monetary Authority of Singapore link.

Good luck to your SGS bond investment!

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Thanks for reading Singapore Savings Account Rates.

The Team

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