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Jan 26, 2017

Treasury Bill Yield 1.05%

Treasury Bill Yield 1.05%

If you are looking for an investment that's safer than bank fixed deposits that pays reasonably higher interest than savings accounts, consider Singapore treasury bill.

Singapore Savings Account Rates blogspot dot com presents Singapore 1 Year treasury bill yield 1.05% update as of 25 Jan 2017.

Treasury bills (T-bills) are marketable debt instruments of the Government of Singapore. These debt instruments are considered safe investments, as they are backed by the full credit of the Singapore Government.

The terms of issuance for T-bills and bonds are governed by the Local Treasury Bills Act and the Government Securities Act respectively.

The Singapore Government is obliged to pay the holders of SGS bonds and T-bills a fixed sum of money on the maturity date of the securities.

SGS bonds and T-bills cannot be cashed in before their maturity dates, but investors can always sell them in the SGS market.

Results of auction of taxable book-entry Singapore Government Treasury Bills to be issued on 31 January 2017

Tenor 365 Days
Total Amount Allotted SGD 2,200,000,000
Amount Allotted to NonCompetitive

Applications SGD 1,539,000
Amount Allotted to MAS Nil
Total Amount Applied SGD 5,016,553,000

Cut-off Yield & Price 1.05% p.a. and 98.950%
Median Yield & Price 0.98% p.a. and 99.020%
Average Yield & Price 0.98% p.a. and 99.020%

% of Competitive Applications at Cut-off Allotted Approximately 93%
% of Non-Competitive Applications Allotted 100%

Issue Code BY17100E
ISIN Code SG76D1000009
Maturity Date 31 January 2018

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