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Nov 9, 2015

CIMB FastSaver Account

CIMB FastSaver Account

Welcome to Singapore Savings Account Rates blogspot dot com where our team will share the best, the latest and the most up-to-date 2015 Singapore savings account rates in today's post.

Our team at Singapore Savings Account Rates works hard to raise your earned interest income from investing in savings accounts in 2015.

Interest rates quoted on Singapore savings accounts for 2015 are shared with you for personal use only. Always double confirm savings account interest rates with the respective banks before you invest your money.

CIMB FastSaver Account Balance | Interest Rates

First S$50,000 =1.00% p.a.
Above S$50,000 =0.60% p.a.

Terms and conditions apply. Interest accrued daily and compounded monthly. Daily interest paid on the entire daily balance, provided that the balance is at least S$1,000 on any given day.

For validation purpose, the CIMB FastSaver account can only be activated when the customer transfers the minimum initial deposit to this online account via FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers) from his/her savings/current account with another bank in Singapore.

As this is a fully online account, customers are encouraged to perform your banking transactions from wherever you are without having to step into the branch. We impose charges for issuing new ATM card, linking of CIMB FastSaver to existing ATM card and over-the-counter transactions at the branch. (For more information, please refer to the Complete List of Fees and Charges.)

To access CIMB FastSaver account information, having a CIMB Clicks Internet Banking account is necessary. This free service can be applied here at the same time when you apply for CIMB FastSaver.

Unlike current accounts such as CIMB StarSaver, CIMB FastSaver is a savings account and does not offer cheque books.

Given the nature of this account, there will also be neither passbook nor paper statements issued to customers.

Customers can access their CIMB FastSaver account details conveniently via CIMB Clicks. A PDF electronic statement of the account can also be downloaded from CIMB Clicks Internet Banking.

Savings account interest rates are subject to change without prior notice at discretion of the bank or finance company in 2015. You need to assess the suitability of these financial products for your personal financial portfolio.

Thanks for reading Singapore Savings Account Rates, to stay in touch with the latest, the best and the highest savings account interest rates updates in Singapore.

The Team

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