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Aug 16, 2011

Singapore Gold Savings Account

Singapore Gold Savings Account

Looking for a Singapore gold savings account to buy and sell paper gold for investment? Looking for a Singapore gold savings account that allows you to trade in gold without hiding physical gold bars under your pillow?

With gold prices hitting record highs lately, it is no wonder that investors are looking at gold investments in the current less-than-rosy local stock market and global economic climate.

Welcome to Singapore Savings Account Rates. We bring you a Singapore gold savings account to ponder this 2011.

Singapore gold savings account is shown for your information about financial investments in Singapore. It is in your interest to re-confirm the terms and conditions of this Singapore gold savings account before you spend your money in any shape or form.

Bank of China (Singapore) Gold Savings Account:

BOC Singapore Gold Savings Account Product Features -

• Allows you to trade your gold via account, making it safe and convenient.

• Minimum trading amount is 5 grams.

• Monthly service charge is levied.

Requirements -

* Singapore citizen, permanent resident, foreigner who holds employment pass, work permit or student pass with valid ID and passport.

* Customers must be at least 21 years old.

Note that details about Singapore gold savings account are subject to change without notice at discretion of the bank entity or finance company.

We hope you discover bank account rates of interest to you. Keep reading Singapore Savings Account Rates, for new and the best financial rates information about selected savings deposit accounts in Singapore.

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