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Jul 15, 2010

Financial Wisdom For Life

Financial Wisdom For Life

Camp Millionaire - Financial Wisdom For Life is a 2-day camp that aims to teach participants financial wisdom for life by helping their children develop money management habits.

This Financial Wisdom For Life camp is organized by ipac Singapore. Parents can attend with their children to learn new skills on how to invest money in assets with the right thinking, beliefs and attitudes.

If you want to gain financial literacy and learn to teach your teenager to make money and manage money, Singapore Savings Account Rates will direct you to the IMSavvy site at www.imsavvy.sg to find out more about the Financial Wisdom For Life programme. IM$avvy is a personal financial planning educational website run by the Central Provident Fund Board and supported by MoneySENSE.

Meanwhile, here are more details about this money-making and money-managing workshop.

Details on Camp Millionaire - Financial Wisdom for Life:

Organizer: ipac Singapore
Event Date: 19/7/2010
Event Time: 10.00am – 4.00 pm (registration commences at 9.45am)
Venue/Location: ipac boardroom. 2 Battery Road, 27 Floor Maybank Tower (opposite The Fullerton Hotel)
Fee to pay: Yes.

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