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Jan 2, 2010

Singapore Sg Bank Savings Deposit Rates

Singapore Sg Bank Savings Deposit Rates

To start off 2010, Singapore Savings Account Rates finance blog is going to share a selected list of top Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates.

These Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates are obtained from the respective banks in Singapore recently but they are subject to change without notice. You should use these Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates after careful consideration with regard to your unique personal financial position, savings requirement, and tolerance for risk of using Sg savings accounts.

You are advised to verify Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates personally with the respective Singaporean or overseas-headquartered banks before using the interest rates. The latest Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates are presented below for your financial interest and not for investing purpose.

In our previous post on the top Sg savings interest rates, we showed this list of Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates:

Sg Bank Savings Account | Amount | Interest Rate (% per annum)

Fairprice Plus, $50,001 and more, 1.00%
UOB Passbook Savings / Uniplus Account, >$100,000 (with top up amount), 0.8%
Maybank iSavvy account, $50000 and more, 0.75%
Standard Chartered Bank e$aver/e$aver Kids/World Partner Savings Account, $200,000 and more, 0.68%
RBS Millennium Account, $500,000 and more, 0.55%
State Bank of India Savings Special Account, $1000 and more, 0.55%
Indian Bank Savings Account, –, 0.5%
Maybank Youngstarz, SaveUp accounts, $50000 and more, 0.5%
NTUC Thrift Savings Account, $1, 0.50%

Today, the latest and best selected Sg list of Singapore bank savings deposit rates are:

Fairprice Plus savings account = 0.6% (from $50,001 onwards)
Maybank iSavvy account = 0.58%
State Bank India Special savings account = 0.55%
RBS Millennium account = 0.55% (from $500,000 onwards)
Indian Bank Savings account = 0.50%
UOB i-Account / FlexiDeposit account = 0.45% (from $300,000 onwards)
NTUC Thrift Junior Savings Account = 0.42%

Terms and conditions apply to receive Singapore Sg bank savings deposit rates quoted above.

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Singapore Savings Account Rates.

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