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Jan 18, 2010

Are Women Better Savers, Men Better Investors?

Are Women Better Savers, Men Better Investors?

How women approach personal financial investments or savings depends on factors like whether they have an income or not, their personal financial circumstances, their money-making investment objectives, their knowledge about financial investment products and their confidence in investing their own cash portfolio.

Are women better savers and men better investors? 

Women should rest easy to note that men are not better at managing finances than women. In terms of financial investment and savings outcomes, the difference is largely insignificant. This piece of good news has been verified by academic research.

However the investing and saving styles between women and men differ. In a study, results showed that there were some obvious differences:

* Women tend to be more risk averse, holding more diversified portfolios.
* This lower risk leads to slightly lower gross returns on women investors’ portfolios.
* Women tend to trade less frequently then men.
* Women incur lower trading costs (by trading less often).
* After-cost performance between men and women are quite similar.
* Women are less likely to exhibit over-confidence (if we interpret excessive trading as a sign of over-confidence).

These general observations do not imply that all women behave in the same way or that all men do so as well. Individual investing and saving habits will differ. At different stages of their lives, the same person may go through a range of investing and savings styles as personal financial circumstances change.

The main message in this educational effort by Singapore Savings Account Rates site is to realize that to be a better saver or investor, men and women must take charge of their own financial planning.

Take home message for savers and investors:

Women (as well as men) should take charge of their own financial planning and cash management to suit their own needs, regardless of popular opinion.

Women (and men) should also invest with confidence, as they are as good as men (or women).

Thanks for investing time to read our educational material today on Singapore Savings Account Rates, where we bring you the latest and best Singapore savings account rates.

The Team
Singapore Savings Account Rates.

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