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Nov 27, 2012

ANZ Bank Step-Up Time Deposit Promotion

ANZ Bank Step-Up Time Deposit Promotion

Welcome to Singapore Savings Account Rates in 2012. We are passionate about Singapore savings account rates and hence this 2012 review of ANZ Bank Step-Up Time Deposit Promotion today.

Singapore ANZ Bank Step-Up Time Deposit Promotion rates are shown for your information about financial investments in Singapore. It is in your interest to re-confirm bank rates before you spend your money in any shape or form.

ANZ Bank Step-Up Time Deposit Promotion:

Month | SGD 150,000 and above
01/03/12 =0.60% p.a.
04/06/12 =0.90% p.a.
07/09/12 =1.25% p.a.
10/12/12 =1.60% p.a.
Effective Interest Rate* 1.09% p.a.

Note that Singapore savings account rates are subject to change without notice at discretion of the bank entity or finance company.

We hope you discover bank account rates of interest to you. Keep reading Singapore Savings Account Rates, for new and the best financial rates information about selected savings deposit accounts in Singapore.

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