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Oct 14, 2008

Best Standard Chartered eSavers Rates

Get up to 1.88% per annum on your savings account with Standard Chartered eSavers.

Standard Chartered bank's e$aver’s prevailing interest rates are as follow:

0.50% p.a. for a deposit balance of less than $50,000,

0.88% p.a. for a deposit balance of $50,000 to $199,999 and

1.00% p.a. for a deposit balance of $200,000 and above.

Bonus interest will be paid on top of the prevailing e$aver interest rates. Bonus interest will be paid only on the top-up amount (“top-up amount”) if the average daily balance for a calendar month during the bonus period (“bonus period”) is higher than the average daily balance for the comparison month (“comparison month”). Bonus interest will be calculated at the end of the calendar month and credited on the first working day of the next calendar month.

Note that this special scheme apply to those with existing eSavers accounts until end of 2008. New eSavers account application closed on end September 2008.

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